Fran├žois Deloche - Personal page

About me: I am a postdoctoral fellow working in the Auditory Neurophysiology & Modeling Lab at Purdue University. My current research project is on investigating properties of the inner ear (including cochlear frequency selectivity) using electrocochleography and forward-masking.
More broadly, my interests are in: computational neuroscience (study of sensory systems), computational models of the peripheral auditory system, non-linear cochlear signal processing. I have also a 'side' project on the modeling of speech rhythm perception with deep neural networks (more coming soon!).

I completed my PhD in computational neuroscience in 2019, under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Nadal (CAMS - EHESS, Paris).
I worked on the SpeechCODE project, looking for computational principles underlying neural speech coding.
I'm also a former student of the MVA master (applied and computational mathematics program on statistics, machine learning and signal processing).